In the 2009 – 2010 Budget, the Australian Government committed $16.4m over four years to establish the National EB Dressing Scheme.  The scheme supports people with EB who are most in need by improving access to appropriate dressings and bandages which can be costly.  Dressings help reduce infection, complications and unnecessary hospitalisation. 

Who runs the scheme?

The National EB Dressing Scheme is funded by the Australian Government and administered by BrightSky Australia.  A Clinical Advisory Committee provides advice on the operation of the scheme, eligibility criteria and dressings to be subsidised under the scheme.  

How does the scheme work?

Access to the National EB Dressing Scheme is available to patients who meet certain eligibility criteria.  These criteria are based on the severity of the condition and the clinical requirements for specific dressings, and have been developed by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing in conjunction with clinical EB experts.

Under the scheme, a monthly supply of approved dressings is delivered to eligible patients’ homes.  Patients are required to contribute to the cost of their monthly supply of dressings.  This contribution is equivalent to one Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme co-payment and the Australian Government meets the remaining costs.  The monthly Standard Order is initially prescribed by the patient’s Treating Healthcare Professional, and may be varied from time to time by the Treating Healthcare Professional to meet changing wound care needs (conditions apply). 

What dressings can patients access?

An extensive list of dressings has been approved for subsidised supply to eligible patients under the National EB Dressing Scheme.  To find out more about the products on this list, click on approved dressings.

Patients can order dressings up to the amount of their Standard Order prescribed by their Treating Healthcare Professional.