Resource Tool

The Resource Tool for Epidermolysis Bullosa Wound Care and Dressings Application outlines the recommended management of wound care in EB patients in Australia.
The dressings that have been listed herein are those that are available through the National Epidermolysis Bullosa Dressing Scheme (NEBDS).  However, some products referred to in this Resource Tool are not listed on the Schedule of Dressings, this is identified in relevant sections.
This document outlines current recommendations based on available evidence and clinical experience in wound care management and general skin care for patients with EB.  The information prepared in this document has been compiled using clinical experience, published clinical papers on wound care and management of EB, as well as the manufacturers’ recommendations on dressing usage.  The Resource Tool is to be used as a guide by:
  • healthcare professionals treating patients with EB; and
  • people with EB and carers of people with EB who have obtained independent professional medical advice from a Treating Healthcare Professional.
A nurse consultant is available through the Scheme to provide education and support in relation to wound care and appropriate use of dressings.  The NEBDS Nurse Consultant (Louise Stevens) can be contacted on 1300 290 400 or 02 8741 5721 or email .
To download a copy of the Resource Tool, click here, or call 1300 290 400 or email for a hard copy.