FAQs: Eligibility and application process

  • Will my eligibility under the National EB Dressing Scheme be reviewed after a certain amount of time?
    At each medical review date, eligibility will be reviewed.  If you formerly qualified for the scheme, and still continue to fit the eligibility criteria, you will continue to have your dressings funded.
  • I am not an Australian Citizen. Am I eligible for the National EB Dressing Scheme?
    No, you are only eligible if you are eligible to receive Medicare benefits and meet the criteria stated in the Eligibility Guidelines
  • Who are ‘Approved Healthcare Professionals’?
    Approved Healthcare Professionals are medical specialists with expert knowledge, skills and experience in inherited bullosa skin disorders, specifically EB. The current list of Approved Healthcare Professionals is available from BrightSky Australia on 1300 290 400 or email: eb@brightsky.com.au
  • How will I know if my National EB Dressing Scheme application has been approved?
    You will be sent a letter from BrightSky Australia confirming your eligibility.
  • Who can I speak with if I am unhappy with the decision made in relation to my eligibility?

    The scheme supports people who have a diagnosis of EB and meet the scheme eligibility criteria. If you are not satisfied with the response, you can write to  outlining your concerns.

     C/-BrightSky Australia, Attention: NEBDS Administrator, P.O. Box 6347, Silverwater DC NSW 1811

  • If I am not eligible, can I still buy products through BrightSky?

    Yes. All products on the Approved List can be purchased through BrightSky by phoning 1300 290 400. To assist persons with EB who fall outside the National EB Dressing Scheme eligibility guidelines, BrightSky offers a discount price for dressings on the Approved List to people with EB.

    BrightSky also stocks a broad range of other healthcare products that may assist in the treatment of the symptoms of EB. These include: gloves, skin care products, cleansers, antiseptics, saline and other irrigation solutions, syringes and needles, bed protectors, continence and respiratory aids, and specialist nutrition products.

    Products can be ordered by phoning 1300 290 400.

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