FAQs: Ordering dressings and other products

  • How do I obtain products I need for treatment that are not on the Approved List?
    The Approved List was developed in consultation with EB experts and is based on international best practice.  It will meet most needs for dressings. Your healthcare professional will be able to advise which dressings on the Approved List are the most suitable for your situation.

    You can also buy a broad range of specialist healthcare products from BrightSky and have them delivered to your door at your own cost.  Go to www.brightsky.com.au to see the full range, or phone 1300 290 400 to discuss your needs.
  • What should I do if I run out of dressings before my next monthly delivery?
    If you reduced your monthly order and subsequently find you underestimated your needs, BrightSky can supply you with one additional delivery of dressings per month.  The combined total of both orders must not be more than your Standard Order quantities.

    If you have already received a monthly order of dressings equivalent to your Standard Order, you can purchase additional dressings.  Simply contact your Treating Healthcare Professional or call BrightSky’s EB Co-Ordinator on 1300 290 400.

    If you regularly find you do not have sufficient dressings to last a month, please arrange to see your Treating Healthcare Professional as soon as possible and submit a completed Review Form to BrightSky for approval.
  • Do I need to do anything if I go into hospital?
    Yes. Please contact the EB Co-ordinator at BrightSky on ph: 1300 290 400 .

    You are not entitled to dressing supplies through the Scheme during a hospital stay of more than 1 month.  The hospital should supply all your dressings during hospitalisation.  Dressing supply through the Scheme will recommence after discharge from hospital (adjusted by the amount of days you were in hospital).

    This is both an obligation for your continued eligibility and also something that is necessary to help ensure the ongoing viability of the scheme.

  • What is my Standard Order?
    This is the maximum limit of dressings by type and number that you are eligible to receive under the National EB Dressing Scheme.  If your needs change for any reason, please contact your Treating Healthcare Professional who will review your requirements.
  • How do I know if a dressing or wound care product will suit me?
    Your Treating Healthcare Professional will determine which products on the Approved List are best suited to your needs as part of the application process.

    Alternatively contact the Scheme’s EB Nurse on 1300 290 400 for educational support and advice on how to apply dressings

  • What should I do if I have dressings left over from previous months?
    BrightSky’s EB Co-ordinator will contact you each month to confirm the quantity of dressings needed for the next month.  If you reduce your order one month, this will not affect your ability to increase it the following month – up to your Standard Order.  Please remember that dressings have an expiry date.

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